Biology Faculty (Tenured and Tenure-Track):

Susan Alexander, Ph.D., Stanford University
Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1995
Director, CSUMB/NASA Ames Cooperative Research Program

Sharon Anderson, Ph.D., UC Riverside
Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1997
Vice-Chair, Division of Science and Environmental Policy ~ Biology Faculty Advisor
Water Quality ~ Soil chemistry ~ Science Education 

Corey Garza, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
Assistant Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 2008
Marine Landscape Ecology ~ GIS ~ Statistics

Arlene Haffa, Ph.D., Arizona State University 
Assistant Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 2011
Pre-Health Advisor

Microbial Redox Processes ~ Bioremediation ~ Photosynthesis ~ Nutrient Cycling

Henrik Kibak, Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz
Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1996
Biology Program Coordinator
Biochemistry ~ Molecular Ecology ~ Plant Science

Cheryl Logan, Ph.D., Stanford University
Assistant Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 2011
Environmental Physiology of Marine Organisms ~ Biochemical Adaptation ~ Climate Change ~ Ecological Forecasting

Marc Los Huertos, Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz
Associate Professor~ Joined CSUMB in 2006 
Biogeochemistry ~ Freshwater Ecology ~ Environmental Monitoring ~ Agroecology ~ Plant Ecology

David Lowry Ph.D., Duke University 
Assistant Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 2014
Evolution ~Genomics ~ Plants

Steve Moore, Ph.D., UC Berkeley & UCSF
Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1995
Marine Biology ~ Natural History ~ ROV design ~ Robotics for Telepresence in remote habitats ~ Biomechanics

Aparna Sreenivasan, Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz
Assistant Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 2009
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology ~ Genetics ~ Genomics ~ Science Writing ~ Bioethics

Fred Watson, Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Australia
Associate Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1998
Hydrology ~ Wildlife ~ Ecology ~ Modeling ~ Statistics ~ Water Quality ~ Land Use Planning ~ Remote Sensing

Suzanne Worcester, Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Professor ~ Joined CSUMB in 1996 
Conservation Biology ~ Restoration Ecology ~ Natural History ~ Communicating Environmental Science to the Public

Lou Zeidberg, Ph.D., UC Los Angeles
Lecturer ~ Joined CSUMB in 2012
Marine Ecology ~ Biological Oceanography ~ Invertebrate Zoology ~ Fisheries

Biology Faculty (Lecturers) 

Gerick Bergsma, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
Lecturer ~ Joined CSUMB in 2010
Community Ecology ~ Marine Biology ~ Wildlife Biology 

Carla Bundrick Benejam, Ph.D., Saybrook University
Lecturer ~ Joined CSUMB in 2002
Evolutionary Biology ~ Psychology and Mind Body Medicine ~ Human Evolution

Jon Detka, M.S., San Jose State University
Lecturer~ Joined CSUMB in 2002
Science Tutoring Coordinator

Statistics ~ Ecology ~ Plants

Cecile Mioni, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lecturer ~ Joined CSUMB in 2010
Aquatic Microbial Ecology ~ Biological Oceanography ~ Environmental Biotechnology ~ Iron Biogeochemistry

Nicole Nedeff, M.A., UC Berkeley
Lecturer~ Joined CSUMB in 2004
Landscape Ecology ~ Plants

Charmaine Robinson,Ph.D., UC Davis
Lecturer~ Joined CSUMB in 2013
Genetics ~ Cytogenetics ~ Virology

Erin Stanfield, M.S., CSU Monterey Bay 
Lecturer ~ Joined CSUMB in 2012 
Freshwater Ecology ~ Statistics ~ Water Quality