This modern, broadly-based program combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet the needs of students with a wide range of biology interests and academic/career goals.

A biology degree opens the door to a wide range of careers. Some require additional education or training beyond the bachelor's level (for example, becoming a medical doctor or biology professor), but many do not.

By coupling a solid foundation in fundamental biology concepts and ethics with pragmatic field and laboratory skills, technology skills and written/oral communication skills, we prepare students for success in post-graduation employment or advanced graduate/professional school programs in the life and health sciences.

If you are a high school or community college student, please check out our information about preparation for the major. If you are already at CSUMB (or planning to enroll soon), please contact the Division of Science & Environmental Policy to get a biology advisor. Your advisor will help you select courses that match your interests and career goals. You should contact your advisor at least once each semester throughout your time at CSUMB for updates about new courses, internship opportunities and biology careers.

We have put together some sample course pathways illustrating realistic semester-by-semester course sequences that meet the Biology and CSUMB graduation requirements. These are only suggestions. You should work with your advisor to develop a pathway that makes the most sense for you and your goals.

To learn more about each course listed in the requirements and pathways, including prerequisites, please consult the course descriptions.

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College of Science, Media Arts and Technology > Division of Science and Environmental Policy

Included Academic Fields

Biology ~ Biotechnology ~ Botany ~ Conservation Biology ~ Ecology ~ Environmental Science ~ Genetics ~ Marine Biology ~ Pre-Medicine ~ Pre-Veterinary ~ Science Education ~ Wildlife and Fisheries ~ Zoology

Concentrations Offered
  • Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity
  • Molecular Biology
  • Teacher Preparation
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Biology minor