Credits Required

Students who choose this minor will need to fulfill 16 upper division units from the following categories:

Core Concept Courses

Complete one of the following (4 units):

Visual Analysis Course

Complete one of the following course (4 units)

Core Skills Courses

Complete two studio courses (8 units) from the following:

or any two Museum Studies courses from the following:

Outcomes, Courses and Assessment

You will achieve all of the Learning Outcomes listed below by successfully completing the listed courses or alternative assessment options.

The Learning Outcomes are conceived to help students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding essential to preparation for fulfillment of their personal, social and professional goals. The Learning Outcomes are organized to provide visual arts analysis, creative production and community arts knowledge skills.

Learning Outcome 1: Students will develop the ability to research, define, analyze and critically formulate positions on contemporary issues in visual and public art.

Learning Outcome 2: Students will develop the ability to creatively image and technically produce artworks or projects.

Learning Outcome 3 : Students will develop the ability to assess, critique and analyze community, audience relevancy and impact of artwork.