Students shall take no more than four lower-division courses with the same subject prefix as their major to fulfill their general education requirements.

Approved Courses

CSU General Education Alignment

  • Life Science: CSU GE Area B2


  1. Students demonstrate scientific content knowledge within the life sciences and its relevance to their own lives.
  2. Students demonstrate the application of quantitative skills (such as statistics, mathematics and the interpretation of numerical graphical data) to life science problems.
  3. Students identify differences between science and other ways of constructing knowledge, and evaluate the credibility and scientific value of different sources of scientific information.
    • Understand how the scientific peer review process contributes to the reliability of scientific knowledge; effectively search for and identify peer-reviewed articles on the topic.
    • Select library databases appropriate to the topic. Identify and combine keywords and synonyms to develop a search strategy; effectively execute the search in appropriate library databases.
    • Evaluate the credibility of information sources, using the following criteria: expertise & credentials, purpose & audience, point of view