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Catalog 2023-24 
Catalog 2023-24 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Requirements

General Education  

The State of California requires completion of a 48 unit General Education Breadth program which includes a minimum of 9 upper division GE semester units taken no sooner than the term in which the student achieves upper division status (60+ units).

 First Year Seminar  

Students entering CSUMB as Freshman or Lower Division Transfer Students with fewer than 15 units are required to complete FYS. This course will also meet one of the lower division A-F GE requirements.

American Institutions  

The CSU requires each student receiving a baccalaureate degree to be knowledgeable about the Constitution of the United States, American history, and state and local government. Courses fulfilling the US History portion of this requirement may also satisfy the Areas C, D, or F GE requirements; courses fulfilling the Civics portion of this requirement also satisfy the Area D GE requirement.

World Culture/Language  

World Culture/Language is a CSUMB requirement that has a different focus, depending on the major program of study. For Liberal Studies majors and for majors that lead to a BS degree, students must successfully complete an approved World Culture/Language course. For majors that lead to a BA degree, students must demonstrate second language proficiency through the 201 level.

Upper Division Service Learning  

Upper Division Service Learning is a CSUMB requirement that is met by successfully completing a 300- or 400-level, S-tagged GE or Major course. All Upper Division Service Learning courses require students to complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service. All Upper Division Service Learning courses teach to learning outcomes related to: Self and Social Awareness; Service and Social Responsibility; and, Action for Systemic Change. Students should consult an advisor for more information.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

The CSU requires every student to demonstrate competence in writing skills at the upper division level to qualify for the baccalaureate degree. There are major-required courses in most every undergraduate degree program at CSUMB that satisfy the GWAR . Students should consult with their academic advisor, as GWAR-approved courses  may also satisfy upper division general education requirements in addition to major requirements.

Major Requirements

The State of California requires students to complete a minimum of 24 units in their major program of study (36 units for a BS). These units are earned through successful completion of required courses, outcomes, and experiences. Students should reference the University Catalog to identify specific program requirements.

Major Learning Outcomes

All CSUMB major degree programs have a set of learning outcomes that students must satisfy through aligned courses or alternate assessments, as designed by the program. The University Catalog lists the MLOs for each degree program.


Many degree programs require students to select a particular area of study within the major in order to attain greater depth of knowledge and understanding. The University Catalog will indicate the options available to students.


CSUMB offers more than 35 different minor programs, providing an excellent opportunity for students to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities outside of their major area of focus.

Free Electives

The State of California requires a minimum of 120 semester units to be eligible for a baccalaureate degree. Students who complete general education and major requirements in fewer than 120 semester units are able to select additional courses as needed to meet the state requirement.

Requirements & Entry Status

If you enter CSUMB as a freshman, you must fulfill all requirements while at CSUMB.

If you enter as a transfer student from a community college or another university, the specific requirements depend on your status when you enter CSUMB. Read on for more detail.

Transfer Students with Fully Certified GE Breadth Requirements

If you transfer from another California institution with fully certified GE Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), you automatically satisfy Lower Division GE Requirements. You still need to satisfy the nine (9) units of Upper Division GE, inclusive of American Institutions (D4) and GWAR (A4), the CSUMB Language Proficiency Requirement, all major requirements and the minimum semester credit requirements. No more than 39 semester credits of GE credit certified by other institutions will be applied to the GE requirements at CSUMB.

Transfer Students without Fully Certified GE Breadth Requirements

If you enter CSUMB without having fully certified all GE Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), you must complete all unmet GE Breadth Requirements through the corresponding CSUMB GE courses, with no less than nine semester credits at the upper-division level after achieving upper-division status. CSUMB Admissions certifies which GE area(s) you have met. You also need to satisfy the CSUMB Language Proficiency Requirement, all major requirements and the minimum semester credit requirements.

Entering as a Second Bachelor’s Degree Student

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education may be admitted to CSUMB as a post-baccalaureate student.

In order to complete a second bachelor’s degree at CSUMB you are required to:

  1. Complete a minimum of 30 units in residence at CSUMB beyond the first bachelor’s degree. Of the 30 units, 24 must be upper division in the major.
  2. Complete all Major Requirements for a CSUMB bachelor’s degree.
  3. Earn a minimum 2.0 GPA for all CSUMB, cumulative and major course work comprising the second bachelor’s degree.

Minimum Credit Requirements

The California Educational Code Title V requirements for California State University specify that you must complete a minimum number of credits in several categories. The minimum semester credit requirements are as follows:

Total Credits

  • 40 upper-division
  • 70 maximum from community college
  • 120-135 total, depending on major

Credits in Residence at CSUMB

  • 24 upper division
  • 12 upper division in major
  • 9 in General Education
  • 30 total

Credits in General Education

  • 9 upper division after achieving upper-division status
  • 48 total

Credits in Major

Bachelor of Arts

  • 12 upper division
  • 12 upper division in residence at CSUMB
  • 24 total

Bachelor of Science

  • 18 upper division
  • 12 upper division in residence at CSUMB
  • 36 total

Credits in Minor (optional)

  • 6 upper division
  • 12 total

Minimum GPA Requirement

The CSU system requires a minimum grade point average of 2.00 for courses in each of the following groupings:

  • Cumulative total credits attempted, including all transfer courses
  • All credits attempted in your major
  • All credits attempted at CSUMB