Jun 15, 2024  
Catalog 2024-25 
Catalog 2024-25

KIN 370 - Anatomy & Physiology I

Content covers the structure and function of the human body. Concepts related to anatomical terminology, cells, tissues, integument, skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems are covered. Interrelationships of organ systems and system pathologies are also emphasized. Additionally, principles of anatomy and physiology will be used to illustrate the scientific way of knowing. Finally, the process of peer-review and evidenced based evaluation of claims related to anatomy and physiology, health and pathology will also be incorporated. (First semester of two semester course). 

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): [Prereq: (GE  Areas A1 and A2 and A3 and B4 with a C- or better) and (Prereq or Coreq: KIN 370L )]
General Education: UDB Integrated Scientific Inquiry and Quant Reason
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Units: 3