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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies, B.A.

The Environmental Studies major provides students with a broad foundation in the environmental sciences, social sciences, environmental economics and policy, environmental history and communication. It also provides students with local, regional and global perspectives on current environmental issues and problems.

Graduates are able to think broadly on local, regional and global levels, understand and synthesize information from multiple disciplines and perspectives, communicate effectively and ethically, and to use their knowledge and skills to promote sustainable, equitable and healthy human and non-human communities.


Select one of the following Concentrations

Please note: Twelve (12) of the units taken to complete a concentration (all of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors or concentrations.

Science for Sustainable Communities Concentration 

Environmental Education Concentration 

Learning Outcomes

MLO 1: Critical Thinking About the Complexity of Environmental Situations

Environmental Studies graduates will critically evaluate the balance involving multiple economic, social, and ecological stakeholder perspectives through written communication.

MLO 2: Social Justice & Civic Engagement in the Enviroment

Environmental Studies graduates will practice civic engagement and reflect on their intercultural experiences in the promotion of sustainability and social justice across diverse communities.

MLO 3: Communicating Science to Nontechnical Audiences

Environmental Studies graduates utilize scientific literacy, information literacy, technological tools and quantitative reasoning to translate environmental concepts to diverse audiences at local, regional, and global scales using oral communication.

MLO 4: Specialized Knowledge

Environmental Studies graduates will demonstrate knowledge at a level appropriate for future professions and graduate school.