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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education, Single Subject Teaching, Credential

We offer two alternatives for earning your single subject credential: co-teaching and internship. The co-teaching pathway of the secondary education program offers opportunities for you to gain classroom experience through student teaching for the entire school year under the supervision of a cooperating teacher. The co-teaching pathway can be completed in one year.

The Secondary Education Teaching Internship Program, in conjunction with the Monterey County Office of Education, gives you the opportunity to earn your credential while teaching. This option is directed toward students who have had significant experience teaching in schools prior to enrolling in the program. In the internship program, students are hired by local districts and assume full responsibility for teaching. If you qualify to enter the Secondary Education Program and are hired by an approved site, a teacher from your school will be selected as a mentor to help you through the internship experience. The internship pathway can be completed in two years.

Both credentialing alternatives are designed for individuals who are interested in teaching in linguistically and culturally diverse middle and high schools. Therefore, individuals obtain an English Learner Authorization (ELA). The ELA authorizes you to teach in settings where instruction is provided primarily through English.

Learning Outcomes

Once you are admitted to the Single Subject program, you will be placed in the Co-Teaching Pathway. After that, if you meet all of the requirements for an Intern Credential, you will move from the Co-Teaching Pathway to the Internship Pathway.

Your achievement of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) will be demonstrated through this computer-based collection.

CSTP 1 Engaging and supporting all students in learning

CSTP 2 Creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning

CSTP 3 Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning

CSTP 4 Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students

CSTP 5 Assessing student learning

CSTP 6 Developing as a professional educator