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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences, B.S.

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The B.S. in Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences prepares you for successful careers that support the long-term economic viability and sustainability of California’s fresh produce and horticulture industries.  The applied, interdisciplinary major incorporates practical, hands-on learning and industry or research internship placements to provide college-to-career pathways. You will develop expertise in crop management, including crop physiology and life cycles, the role of soil, water, nutrient and pest management on crop quality, yield, sustainability, and profitability, as well as relevant laws and regulations. The curriculum aligns with the content specified for Certified Crop Advisor certification and Pest Control Advisor certification.

Required Courses

Learning Outcomes


MLO 1  Intellectual Skills 

Graduates apply appropriate study design methods, analyze quantitative evidence to evaluate hypotheses, demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills, and communicate effectively in oral and written formats.

MLO 2  Personal and Professional Responsibility

Graduates incorporate ethical reasoning and diverse stakeholder perspectives into management decisions that promote sustainability and social justice.

 MLO 3  Integrated Learning

Graduates integrate knowledge of agricultural systems and the broader societal context to evaluate and recommend management strategies that optimize crop quality, yield, and profit while promoting long-term sustainability.

MLO 4  Specialized Knowledge and Skills

Graduates apply knowledge of factors that affect crop productivity and use inquiry-based problem-solving skills to propose and evaluate crop management strategies.

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