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Catalog 2021-2022 
Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, AS-T to Mathematics, B.S.

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Download the CCC TMC for Mathematics

If you transferred into CSUMB from a California community college as an AS-T-certified student in Mathematics, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please contact a mathematics faculty advisor as soon as possible.


Select one of the following options to complete the requirements of the Mathematics major:

Mathematics Major Elective 

Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program Concentration 

Courses depending on group (see group description below) (8 credits)

Description of courses from group A and group B completed at community college:

All units are based on the semester and indicated minimum credits. While 3 credits are required from Group A, no units are required from Group B.

Group A

  • Differential Equations Units: 3

    Complete one of the following:
  • Linear Algebra Units: 3
  • Introduction to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Units: 5

Group B

  • Discrete Math Units: 3
  • Physics Units: 4 (Physics majors course)
  • Mathematical Computing Systems Units: 1
  • Computer Programming Units: 3 (Any programming course that is articulated as major preparation at a CSU)
  • Proof Units: 3
  • Statistics Units: 3

General Education and University Requirements

The State of California requires completion of a 48 unit General Education Breadth program, including 9 units of upper division GE in areas B, C, and D in order to meet graduation requirements. CSUMB also requires completion of campus-specific University Requirements .

Students select and complete coursework in the following areas to satisfy their degree requirements:

Students may select additional elective coursework if necessary to complete 60 units.

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