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Catalog 2023-24 
Catalog 2023-24 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Health Policy, Minor

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The International Health Policy minor allows you to develop sufficient depth of knowledge and professional skills to pursue a successful career or graduate studies in a field related to international health policy. A collaborative effort between the Collaborative Health and Human Services major and Global Studies major, IHP will provide you with opportunities to address your interests in global health policy and international health program development. The curriculum includes courses in international policy and politics, economics, public health, and international women’s health and social issues.

If you aspire to work on global health issues at a nongovernmental organizations such as the United Nations,World Health Organization, UNICEF, or the U.S. Peace Corps, you will find IHP to be an exciting complement to your major.

Learning Outcomes

Cross-cultural Competency

Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between self and others and be comfortable engaging in a process of relationship-building characterized by mutual respect and sensitivity; assess the needs and capabilities of culturally diverse populations, and communicate effectively across cultural groups.

Knowledge of Health and Human Services

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles and issues common to the major fields of health and human services including community health, social welfare and public policy, and demonstrate competence in the selected areas of concentration.

Professional Development

Demonstrate ability to apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for growth and development as an entry level professional by producing evidence of increasing self-awareness and self-correcting behavior.

Public Policy Analysis

Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze public policy issues and begin to master the skills necessary to identify and define public problems, analyze existing policies, develop alternatives to current policy and recommend alternatives.

Understanding of Global Issues

Students will be able to comprehend, analyze and evaluate important global issues that have a particularly adverse effect on the ‘poorer’ global developing nations.

World Views

Students will be able to comprehend, analyze, compare, evaluate and develop respect for the wide array of different philosophical, religious, ethical, political, economic and social views held by people around the world. They will also be able to comprehend the adverse effects of ethnocentrism upon intercultural communications and relations. They will be able to comprehend and reflect critically upon their own world view and be able to empathize with people who hold world views that are different from their own.

Global Political Economy

Students will be able to comprehend, analyze and evaluate the major structures, processes and effects of the evolving global economy. They should also be able to comprehend, analyze and evaluate the interrelationships between global political and economic conditions. The program pays particular attention to the gendered nature and informal aspects of the global political economy.

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